C. Bechstein-La Leggenda

bechstein legend

Franz Liszt

“For 28 years now I have played their instruments, which have maintained their pre-eminence.”

Claude Debussy

“One should only write piano music for the Bechstein.”

Ferruccio Busoni

“Your instruments correspond in every respect to all my intentions. In view of the highest duties of the contract and technique imposed on me, it means an extraordinary success for Bechstein instruments; to praise their undeniable superiority brings me great joy”

Sergej Rachmaninow

“The wonderful noble tone, its ideal playability, along with the incomparable attack of the Bechstein grand piano have always filled me with enthusiasm. On this instrument an artist should be in a position to obtain the peak of perfection.”

Wilhelm Backhaus

“With joy Wilhelm Backhaus admits to being an enthusiastic supporter of the magnificent Bechstein grand piano.”


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